Axilum TMS Robot 

for automated TMS coil placement and tracking

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Axilum Robotics have developed an innovative system that allows for accurate and safe placement, tracking and recording of a TMS stimulating coil during a TMS experiment or treatment session, together with theBriansight TMS Navigation system.




The Axilum Robotics solution provides the TMS researcher and practitioner with many advantages:


  • System that is specifically developed for TMS when used in conjunction with supported TMS neuronavigation systems;
  • Accuracy and repeatability of coils placement and navigation;
  • Compensation for patients’ head movement during TMS session;
  • Access to any stimulation target or trajectory via hemispheric movement around the subjects head;
  • Patient safety achieved by adapted motor’s power and contact force sensors attached to the stimulating coils surface to ensure appropriate contact force between coil and patient;
  • Easy performance of TMS session allowing users to plan TMS sessions in advance and allow for autonomous execution of the session;
  • Replication of recorded procedures with automated record keeping of stimulation sites and targets.




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